Protect the financial health and wellbeing of your loved ones

TrustLink prevents financial exploitation and promotes financial independence and wellness for seniors and vulnerable people.

TrustLink is a financial wellness platform that promotes financial independence while reducing risks of financial exploitation and fraud for older and vulnerable people. Our customized prepaid card automatically detects and restricts high risk transactions to provide convenience, financial independence and safety.

Detect unusual changes in financial behavior
Connect one or more financial accounts and let our AI algorithm passively and securely monitor and detect unusual changes in financial behavior caused by financial exploitation or cognitive health impairment
Trustee Network helps to preserve wealth and health
Selected family members, caregivers, financial, legal or medical professionals can be added as Trustees allowing them to intervene and protect the wealth and health of their loved ones. Privacy levels of each Trustee is set up by the Account Holder
Pre-paid cards to protect your safety
Prepaid cards with customized limits and purchasing restrictions that automatically prevents payments to sham organizations and telemarketers. Issued for both account holders and caregivers.
Trustee Network helps to preserve wealth and health
TrustLink protection platform is designed to connect the two channels with the ultimate goal of preserving wealth and health wellbeing of older and vulnerable people.
Become a TrustLink holder
Sign up for financial accounts monitoring and real time protection for yourself or your loved ones
Connect financial accounts
Securely connect bank accounts, credit or debit cards that would be monitored and protected in real time
Assign a Trustee
A trusted family member or a friend, who will receive alerts about possible fraud or exploitation. Privacy settings are controlled individually by the account owner
Use our trusted prepaid card
Allowing financial independence and protection with customized limits and restrictions for both account holders and caregivers
Receive immediate alerts
Detected and generated by TrustLink’s life-enhancing financial protection technology and approved by Trustees
Benefits of financial protection
Detect financial impairment years before a doctor’s diagnosis of dementia and before the bank account gets depleted

Your security and privacy is our priority. We use bank-level encryption to keep your information safe, and we don't sell your data.

Secure financial health and wellbeing solution is just a click away

TrustLink provides safe, private and convenient digital solutions for financial and wellness protection. It is used by seniors who worry about financial fraud or exploitation, children who need peace of mind that their far away mother is financially safe, and caregivers who need easy and secured access to payments.

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