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TrustLink reduces financial exploitation and promotes financial independence and wellness for seniors and vulnerable people

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We believe nobody should worry about fraud or financial exploitation as everyone’s finances should be protected. That’s why our monitoring services are designed to fit into your everyday life with ease, providing you with independence, protection and peace of mind

Privacy Levels
granular data level consent
confidentiality across Trustees
no data sharing
Cross Communication
between generations
across financial accounts
with caregivers
Prepaid Cards
prevent financial exploitation
provide financial independence
faster payments to caregivers
1. Account Setup
2. Assign a Trustee
3. Order Prepaid Card
Account Setup
Set up a TrustLink account and add any financial accounts that need to be monitored 24/7. This includes bank and brokerage account, debit and credit cards.
takes a few minutes
user-friendly onboarding
bank level encryption for data security
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Assign a Trustee
Family member or trusted friends who will receive system generated alerts about possible fraud and financial exploitation. The account holder has the option of setting different privacy levels for each Trustee determining how much (if any) of the financial information gets shared
quick set-up using name and email address
high level of privacy
unlimited number of assigned Trustees
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Order Prepaid Card
Enjoy financial independence and protection with customized limits and payment restrictions that eliminate financial fraud and exploitation risks. TrustLink pre-paid cards provide flexible funding options and automatically block payments to telemarketers or suspicious organizations.
limits are set by family members or Trustees
no annual fees, pre-funding or charges
quick approval
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Anyone who wants to protect their finances or the finances of their loved ones can become a TrustLink member. TrustLink was designed specifically to serve senior or vulnerable adults who worry about financial fraud or exploitation, anyone who needs peace of mind that their parents are financially safe and protected, or caregivers who want easy and secured access to payments.
TrustLink account holders are members who connect their financial accounts to be monitored, specifically seniors or vulnerable adults. They are the ones who assign Trustees to each of their accounts and securely set the privacy and access levels for each of them.
You can sign-up with your name and email address. Once the email address is confirmed you can start adding any financial accounts to be monitored 24/7, including debit and credit cards, bank or brokerage accounts. The more accounts, the better the protection.
If you sign up to be a Trustee or caregiver, we will send you a secured link that your loved ones can use to sign-up and enter their financial information.
The account holder decides what type of data access each Trustee receives. As a default, all settings are set to private, and all Trustees would have read-only access to the transactions that generate alerts. It would be only up to the account holder to remove some of the restrictions.
TrustLink will never have access to your financial accounts login and password. Transaction data is managed through our partnership with Plaid, and TrustLink maintains read-only access necessary for generating cognitive analytics insights and alerts.
After 90 days of the free trial period, TrustLink monthly subscription is $7.99 with an annual subscription of $90. It includes up to 5 monitored financial accounts and an unlimited number of Trustees per account.