What TrustLink offers

TrustLink prevents financial exploitation and promotes financial independence and wellness for seniors and vulnerable people

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Real Time Financial Monitoring

TrustLink monitoring platform uses real-time financial transaction data and machine learning cognitive analytics to analyze behavior across different accounts and categories of transactions. It creates a cross-communication between seniors, their families, wealth and health care professional.

Connect one or more financial accounts or use TrustLink prepaid card
AI algorithms passively monitor and analyse real time financial transactions
Unusual changes in behavior caused by potential exploitation or cognitive health decline are flagged
Alerts are sent to Trustees for further consideration

At TrustLink we carefully consider the ethical implications of using personal data in creating a platform that puts the privacy and autonomy of users as our highest priority.

Trustee Network

Selected family members, caregivers, financial, legal or medical professionals can be added as Trustees allowing them to monitor and intervene to protect the wealth and health of their loved ones. Privacy levels of each Trustee are set up by the Account Holder.

Roles and Benefits

Safeguard financial assets and improve life quality for your loved ones
Provide autonomy and support by setting up prepaid card restrictions and limits to prevent exploitation and fraud
Investigate and resolve alerts sent by the TrustLink platform
Connect with primary physician for possible cognitive evaluation if financial capabilities impairment is detected
Pre paid Card and Digital Banking

TrustLink Cards are not only prepaid cards or instant pay cards, but also debit cards that come with a free checking account and digital wallet. They are customized to provide full financial independence with 0% fraud and exploitation and lower cost and hassle of issuing paper checks.

Seniors and Vulnerable People

Customized limits and purchasing restrictions
Automatically prevents payments to sham organizations and telemarketers
Managed by family members or trustees
Financial independence with 100% independency


Faster payout of wages, tips and reimbursement
No minimum balance requirements
Push funds to your caregivers cards instantly even after day one on the job
Empowered unbanked or underbanked caregivers