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Delia Sabau
Chief Executive Officer
“As a daughter and caregiver of an older parent who had several memory loss incidents but wants to maintain her financial independence, I struggled to find a solution that maintains my mom’s financial wealth and health wellbeing. TrustLink’s mission was built with a "peace of mind" goal to keep the older generation financially safe online, and provide family members and primary care physicians with an objective, unobtrusive, and secure method for monitoring daily cognitive integrity which would have a significant economic and longevity benefits”
Max S Atanassov
Chief Financial Officer
Michal Bacia
Chief Operating Officer
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Alibek Kulseitov
Front-End Developer
Valerie Huang
Front-End Developer
Parisa H Shawni
UX Designer
Juleanne Palad
UX Designer
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TrustLink protection platform is designed to connect the two channels with the ultimate goal of preserving wealth and health wellbeing of older and vulnerable people.

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